Friday, October 25, 2013

Petroleum Automation - A new path to success.

Automation in Petroleum, a wide Energy Sector, comprehends the interests of multiple stakeholders, suppliers, retailers as well as consumers.

Petroleum automation solution by Panache enables:
  • Right quality.
  • Quantify tracking.
  • Centralized system monitoring.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Improve profitability.
  • Payment Module Integration.

Upstream and Downstream Automation:

Vardhaman offers Oilfield monitoring and optimization systems that ensure real-time data management and end-to-end integration of heterogeneous systems at reservoir and well levels.
Proposed Petroleum Automation Solution also delivers:
  • Real-time systems for pipeline management.
  • Gas Commercial Dispatching systems.
  • Refinery Input/output Logistics.

Station Automation System:

Vardhaman provides solutions for monitoring, control and management of Gas Station with the following:
  •   Forecourt Controller- To monitor and control forecourt activities.
  •   Outdoor Payment Terminals- To provide various payment methods.
  •   Tank Level Gauges- To provide measurement of product and water level, temperature and volume re-conciliation.
  •   Back Office System- To provide management and configuration of gas station.

   Why Petroleum Automation?

  Petroleum Automation by Panache
  •  Reduces manual work an human error.
  •  Increases transaction efficiency and speed.
  •  Gives better inventory management which enables real-time stock monitoring.
  •  Reduced stock losses.
  •  Improve market share through effective fuel price management and targeted consumer campaigns.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vardhaman Technology introduces Mobicon - A secure way of administering Mobile Devices.

VTPL addresses Android fragmentation with Mobicon Android+. It has tight integration with multiple partners directly into Mobicon. Mobicon is compatible with iOS, Android, Android+, Windows.

It confidently adds the latest and greatest devices to your fleet, whether they are corporate-liable or employee-owned.
With Mobicon there is lot to do and makes life easy and helps in monitoring, proper management of devices and achieve optimum color quality control. There are some more salient features that are described as follows:-

  1. Remote control and Help Desk: Live remote control of the latest Android devices for optimal helpdesk troubleshooting. 
  2. Advanced security management: Mobicon Advanced Security Center provides administrators with the most comprehensive suite of Android Device Management capabilities.
  3. Web Filter Policy: Enforce and control web access policies to ensure secure, safe and authorized access to web content.
  4. Remote Actions: Remotely lock or wipe the entire device,   removing all data and settings back to factory default in real time if its lost or stolen.
  5. Remotely unlock or reset device passwords for users who have forgotten them. Remotely restart the devices for troubleshooting purposes.
  6. Mobicon also allows file encryption on SD card on Android devices and it also helps to identify in rooted devices.

Why switch to Mobicon?
Mobicon follows strong authentication and authorizing policy, controlling of device in easy manner and blocking of devices only allowed to administrator on identification of violation of policies.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vardhaman Technology introduces Irrigation Automation.

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil. It is used to assist the growth of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes, and re vegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of inadequate rainfall.

Irrigation Automation by Panache has following challenges to be covered:

1. Inevitable discrepancy between forecast and actual delivery flows.

2. Inaccuracies in checking the flow and the amount of water stored in the canal pools.

3. Type of Water required for the field.

4. Sprinkler and Drainage mechanism.

5. Mechanism to avoid water waste.

6. Drainage system.

7. Timely water supply.

8. Volume based water supply.

Irrigation Automation helps in achieving the following challenges and provides the best way to use the Agro industries.

1. Timely bases water supply: Our sensor mechanism allows timely   supply of water depending on the previous water supply.

2. Identifying type of Water: According to the tags assigned to field, the type of water required will be determined and process applied for water usage.

3. Solar Systems applied: Use of Solar Systems will be very much useful for turning on our processors for processing the architecture.

4. Developing an automated surge flow for better drainage system.

5. Irrigation Automation by Panache allows the detection of the type of field, manage information about forecast and obtain proper information.

6. All the system are connected to central terminal, enabling the farmer to operate the entire process with the help of few buttons and user friendly interface.

Why to use Irrigation Automation?
Since ages, countries are using conventional approach which are unable to meet the requirements within time. This is where automation comes in and lends a helping hand in fulfilling the needs efficiently and effectively.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

E-HEALTH CARE - A unified healthcare kiosk

E-Health Care solution by Panache, is a unified Health Care Kiosk and aids the Health Care centers in reaching and helping the population that is unable to receive basic health services due to various reasons like unavailability of doctor, unawareness about different health related issues etc.

E- Health Care is most suitable where the Health Care centers are not reachable and the basic health knowledge is lacking.

RFID Solution in E-Health

E- Health Care Kiosks:
•   Offers basic health services from a nurse.
•   Give information regarding various diseases.
•   Give preventive advices.
•   Conduct basic tests.
•   Allow storage and Printing of reports for later evaluation by doctors.
•   Compare previous reports from database with the latest.
•   Evaluate symptoms to identify the possible illness.

The basic tests carried out are:

  •   Body temperature
  •   Pulse rate
  •    Blood pressure
  •     Blood sugar
  •    Urine test
  •    Blood-DC
  •  ECG

Additional tests are also carried out to identify diseases like Tuberculosis and malaria.


Why E- Health care?
5 reasons why one should opt for Panache's E-Health care solution:
  • Cost effective- affordable for people belonging to any class.
  • Educate the masses about various illnesses and thus help in prevention.
  • To reach the groups at risk earlier and avoid fatal conditions due to late detection.
  • Accurate
  • User Friendly

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dairy Automation - Automate from Cow to Customer

Dairy Automation is a ‘fast emerging and evolving’ cost-effective technology based solution for the Dairy industries. It is an excellent combination of multiple high-end technologies.
Challenges overcome to Achieve Dairy Automation:
   Milk Segregation on the basis of quality
   Work Flow of the Dairy Industry
   Compatibility & Scalability
   To keep a track of data from various processes

Milk Analyzers:

Milk Collection Systems:

RFID Solution:

Solution provided by Panache enables the details of milk vendors and their transaction to be updated using smart cards provided to every vendor. This ensures security and accuracy.

Quality Check Solution:

Quality Check Solution by Panache includes systematic process from Milk Collection to Milk Segregation.

The determination of the milk quality is done with the help of Milkoscan and Lactoscan connected to a centre terminal. This Terminal can be an All in One PC or a Thin Client.

Quality of milk:

Bar Coding Solution:

After the product is tested for quality, it is packaged and barcodes are applied.
Benefits of Bar coding:
        Reduces the number of data entry errors
        Time saving
        Increased efficiency
        Product tracking

Milk Tanker Security System:

The Milk Tanker Security System provided by Panache tracks the location of theft and tempering activity along with Continuous monitoring of milk tanker while it is in transit so that one can monitor the route followed by milk tanker. It helps in accurate planning of product manufacturing, prevent adulteration in milk and hence maintain milk quality.

Report Generation:

Another feature of the Dairy Automation Solution provided by Panache is the Report Generation. Data is collected and reports are generated from all the different processes.
On the basis of this data various conclusions and predictions can be made.

Why Automate?
  • Minimization of waste and energy Consumption
  • Increased processing efficiency
  • Increased overall profitability
  • Receive better returns on investment
  • Reduce Manual work

Automation is one of the keys to boost the overall performance and productivity of the Dairy Industry.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Technology 2020

Technology is evolving at a very high speed. Keeping this in mind an attempt is made to visualize how technology would look like after a decade. Current era is dominated by smart phones with touch based devices on the hype. Soon this technology will be taken to an entire new level…!!!
Probably the heart of technology 2020 would consist of:

Virtual Wall: A wall which physically does not exist but allows writing, drawing and expressing your thoughts by using your hands. This can be the future of our class rooms with desks and boards getting replaced by these walls.

Cloud Classrooms: After a decade there will be no need to physically be present in school but still feel like you are a part of the class and teacher is just in front of you. It will also enable you to interact with them physically.

No More Projectors: No more tasks of projector settings, as your device whether a Smart Phone or a PDA will have sensors which can convert a plain desk into a screen and the display will be replicated on the Desk.

4 way mobile computing: You will be able to share displays of your smart phones or tabs and extend them on a surface as well as show and change immaculate results with graphics by interacting with them on the surface without physically contacting the mobile.

Surface display: With all features listed above we can say that entire future will have a surface which does not exists but can be created and re-created as and when needed with the feature of human interaction and making changes as and when needed. Even your coffee mug can be your surface to display your data.

Digital Media: - Unlike today where we go online to read news or subscribe to websites or download and application for the same, the future will just ask you for one device that will have everything on the go, no more subscription, you will get news on the device everyday and scroll to past days and when you are done with reading you can just fold it as you do it with regular Newspaper or magazine.

One Remote with Multiple Controls: Currently a digital remote just gives you details about the current device but the future will allow controlling multiple devices and displaying the details of them. It will also scan the details and share it with any surface you want, any device you want.

Finally we can say that this will be the era of LIVE technology where gestures, emotions, thoughts all can be expressed at one go. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Quick Dip into the Sea of Touch Technology!

Over a decade and half ago one could not imagine that touch screen devices would become part of our daily activity. Over then it was just limited to Apple INC and O2 Hand Phones now termed as smart phones but as time and technology progressed, technology brought touch gestures virtually to almost every one.
Lately the following Touch Screen technologies are widely used:
  • Optical Touch Screen
  • Infrared Touch Screen
  • Gesture Based Touch Screen

Optical Touch Screen
With the rapid development in Gaming technology and Gadgets evolution the optical touch has gained significant importance. The optical touch screen has sensors around it and these track the movement of any object that is close enough by detecting the interruption through an infrared beam. As no Hardware works without Software, the optical sensors are then realized by the compatible software and then the screen distortion is made according to the touch made. The light is then emitted across a plane surface and depending on the current situation of the screen; it can become active or passive. Optical touch screen is cost effective with multiple touch feature and a super-fast response. Optical screens are widely used in vendor’s Point of Sale (POS).

Why Optical Touch Screen?
Optical touch guarantees Accuracy. Also it does not require frequent calibration. It efficiently senses the touch of bare fingers, fingers with gloves and even stylus. It does not require special drivers, means its plug and play ready. The organization working with digital signage love this technology as it suits almost perfect to their work.
Infrared Touch
Infrared has been around for some time but not in touch technology, With the PDA’s and Smartphones flowing in, the Big Giants went back to the invisible beam know popularly as Infrared for getting their touch in lines. Infrared touch works on beam interruption method. It has a frame surrounding the display which has light sources on one end and light detectors on the other hand. Both of these together create an optical grid across the screen. Now when the end user touches the screen the invisible beam is broken by the signal received by the photo sensors.
Why Infrared Touch Screen?
Inspite of being costly, the Infrared touch screen is accurate and can be trusted upon. The light emission is the maximum in Infrared Touch Screen.
Motion and Gesture Touch
With the advent of Gaming consoles’ technology, the humans feel like they are an integral part of the game. This experience is possible only because of the motion and Gesture Touch.
We normally wave hands for saying HI or Bye but who thought this waving might change screen on the computer, can hit the tennis ball in the gaming console.
The working of motion and gesture based touch screen is quite simple. It works basically on the movements of the object around the device. The object must be in a specific range of the device so that the device can understand the motion. Assume you are in front of the Gaming Console trying to play tennis…The instructor will tell you to stand at a particular place and then time your swings of the Racket on the ball. As you move; the screen and device captures your movements and replicate the same on the Console and execute the movement.
This technology has already arrived in smart phones where you just need to wave your hands side ways to turn a page in an ebook or just wave up and down to scroll the webpage. The hardware for the motion technology is just off the shelf component. The main worker is its software that actually initiates the working.

Why should one use Motion and Gesture based touch screen???
Firstly it does not require much training to learn, how these screens work. Even finest of movements are recognized by the screen. Another advantage is that most of the Operating Systems support such screens. So far it is considered as the best technology for Gaming Consoles.
In the near future, such touch screens are expected to be an integral part of Gadgets like
Computing Devices like Tablets, Thin Clients etc.